The revised Study Guide: at last, a complete version

At last, there is a complete draft of Beginning Mathematical Logic: A Study Guide which you can download here (all viii + 183 pages of it).

I need to do a typographical check for typos and thinkos, and there are such exciting tasks as regularizing spacing conventions and so forth. Then, more importantly, I’ll want to make the tone and level of the treatments of different topics as consistent as I can. Then there are a few sections which I know require more work, including the very last one on type theory. But the end is in sight.

Meanwhile, while I’m revising and polishing, all suggestions, comments and corrections for the current draft will be hugely welcome. (If you do comment, please note the date of the draft you are commenting on!).

Update 12 January: I have tidied Chs 1 and 2 very slightly, including making the early part of §2.1 ‘Sets: a checklist of some basics’ rather snappier. The main content change is otherwise in making §11.5(f) rather clearer and more obviously consistent with §2.4 on virtual classes!

Update 13 January: I have now in addition tidied Chs 3 and 4 slightly, with few substantive changes except for a very slight expansion of §3.1 b(ii) on semantics for quantifiers, and added link backs from §11.5 on plural logic to §4.2 and §4.4 on plural logic.

Update 14 January: Chs 5, 6 and 7 now also tidied. Only corrected some minor typos, added a few words here and there and made some minor typographical adjustments. These chapters had been well worked over before, so I do hope that the speed at which I got through just reflects that the chapters were in a pretty good state, rather than that I’m not paying proper attention! Anyway, in terms of pages, that gets me half way through the revision process. Back to it next week!

3 thoughts on “The revised Study Guide: at last, a complete version”

  1. Thank you so much for your material! I’m working my way through your guide and it’s such a great journey.
    However, may it be possible that the Open Logic book on metalogic may have changed chapter numbers? I think that chapter 9 is chapter 11 (natural deduction), chapter 8 is chapter 10 (sequent calculus), and chapter 10 is chapter 12 (completeness theorem) now. You mention those chapters in your FOL section.
    All the best from Germany!

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