Ahah! Another step onwards …

So a first proof copy of the Study Guide has arrived surprisingly promptly.

Partly this is to check the cover design, but mainly it is for reading through for typos and layout blunders and other typographical mishaps. It is really startling what newly hits the eye when you have a draft in front of you in physical book form, even after you have previously seen piles of print-out.

But I’m pleased with the look of the book. As you’ll have seen, the design inside and out is just like the other Big Red Logic Books — but people say they look pretty smart, so I’ll rest content with that!

2 thoughts on “Ahah! Another step onwards …”

  1. Hi Dr Smith,

    I hope this isn’t too late (if it is, I’ll wait for the 2nd reprint…):

    [DRAFT VERSION: January 21, 2022]

    page 5: second line: “…If I were choosing a text[]book”

    page 6: #1 Daniel Velleman’s book: last paragraph: “(perhaps paying [e]special…”

    page 8: 2nd paragraph’s second last sentence: “it[in] many cases…”

    page 15: paragraph following (e): “…the idea of an argument’s being logical[ly] valid…”

    page 86: #10: “The second chapter carries on the presentation [of] axiomatic set theory,…”

    page 167: #14 Nigel Cutland: “…maths text[]book”

    An inconsistency easily checked mechanically:
    pages 8 & 11 & … (perhaps some more): “vs” vs “vs.”

    I don’t have time to spot others yet. That’s it.


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