Publication day!

Beginning Mathematical Logic is now available as a paperback, ISBN 1916906338. I’d hoped to get it finished well before the end of 2021; but these are strange times, when spirits can droop and concentration levels plunge. Still, I’ve made it to the finishing line.

I can quietly update the PDF and the text of the printed paperback if and when I hear about typos or minor thinkos. So do let me know about anything you notice. And it’s the very nature of the enterprise that the Guide will no doubt someday need revising, and I’ll no doubt start an addendum webpage in the interim: so suggestions for more substantial future improvements will still be very welcome.

The paperback is only available from Amazon. But as I’ve explained before, using their basic-level print-on-demand service (without the potential for expanded distribution to bookshops) keeps the price to a rock-bottom minimum, £4.99/$5.99. Amazon refuseniks still can download the PDF!

I might be raising a glass this evening …

7 thoughts on “Publication day!”

  1. Thank you very much for your great work and congratulations on your success! I remarked, however, that you indicate §11.3 in Zach et al., Sets, Logic, Computation for Second-Order logic (on p. 44 in your study guide). However, I think that in the current edition, that section is now to be found under §13.3.
    Thanks again for that incredible resource!
    Cheers, PH

  2. Thank you Professor Smith for this, and all your other works. The guide is fascinating, useful and aesthetically typeset too! Considering this is only a spare time pursuit for me, I now have a syllabus for the rest of my life :) I also look forward to your revised work on category theory.

  3. Just noticed this. At the bottom of p 163: Leonard Libkin, Elements of Finite Model Theory

    The author’s name should be Leonid Libkin — Leonid rather than Leonard.

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