Online mini-conference on logical pluralism

Just a reminder that I’m very happy occasionally to announce here new books, online conferences, etc., that are likely to be of interest to enough readers of this blog. Just let me know if you have something suitable you want to publicise.

So: there is an online three-paper conference Logical Pluralism:  One logic, or many logics? announced for Friday April 1st (from 10 am, EST), from James Madison University:

  • “Perspectival Logical Pluralism”   Roy T. Cook (Minnesota)
  • “Logical Pluralism: Boring Truth? Exciting  Falsehood?”  Erik Stei (Utrecht)
  • “Logical Pluralism and Logical Disputes”  Teresa Kouri Kissel (Old Dominion Univ.)

Zoom links etc. available from the conference webpage here.

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