Like it or not ….

Drat, I missed the blog’s birthday. Now sweet sixteen!

In an experimental way, I have added a “like” button, just to appear on blog posts. So please “like” what you do like enough. It will be interesting to know what finds the most favour, and that might even affect a bit what I choose to blog about. Or not, as the case might be …

1 thought on “Like it or not ….”

  1. I’m not a fan of ‘like’ buttons, and I wouldn’t want you to post less on music or fiction because those posts get fewer ‘likes’ than ones on (for example) books in the Cambridge Elements series — or to think you’ve wasted the time spent on a post if it gets few or no ‘likes’. (Especially since quite a few people won’t notice the ‘like’ button or won’t bother to use it.)

    I was going to say maybe they’re fine as a bit of fun if not taken too seriously, but I’m not sure they are. Even if you think you won’t take ‘likes’ too seriously, they can have a subconscious influence. And it’s not only things you already write about that could suffer, since new areas lack a subconscious association with ‘likes’.

    Now I want to head off a potential misunderstanding. I’m not saying this because I prefer the fiction and music posts and am afraid I’ll be outvoted. I’m actually more interested by the maths and logic posts. However, I think a blog ought to be considered as a whole, and I like the current mixture.

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