Like it or not, again

I experimented with a ‘like’ button for blog posts for ten days. I thought it probably wouldn’t be used much, and it turns out I was right (for I know that each post is actually read hundreds of times). So I’ve decluttered and removed the button again.

In fact, everything about “user engagement”, as they say, remains a bit of a mystery to me. It is very nice to know, for example, that the Beginning Math Logic study guide has already been downloaded almost a thousand times this month. But how the word gets around, who the readers are, what they make of the guide, is all pretty unfathomable.

Never mind. The overall site statistics (whatever they mean in absolute terms) continue to look perfectly healthy. So as long as I’m not entirely talking to myself, on we go …

1 thought on “Like it or not, again”

  1. I’m guessing some people (true of me) read your posts when delivered to their email, which appears without any bells and whistles to show they like it.

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