Philosophical Uses of Categoricity Arguments

Peter F. has written:

I wanted to let you know about a paper that was recently put on the arXiv which I think you and many readers of this site will find very interesting, in case it hasn’t been noticed yet:

Penelope Maddy & Jouko Väänänen “Philosophical Uses of Categoricity Arguments”

This does indeed on a quick skim look a seriously interesting and thought-provoking paper (though not an easy read: there is a lot of detailed argument here). Thanks for the pointer!

6 thoughts on “Philosophical Uses of Categoricity Arguments”

  1. Dr Smith,
    Do you have any suggestions regarding international logics? I need to read Church’s formalisation of Frege, but I find it hard.

      1. Possibly GAMUT vol 2:

        Logic, Language, and Meaning, Volume 2: Intensional Logic and Logical Grammar, by L. T. F. Gamut

        1. Yeah, I have read that. Very helpful. But I seem to need a lot more to be able to read Church’s work.

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