Beginning Category Theory: Chs 1 to 16 (etc.)

A short post, just to announce another update of Beginning Category Theory. I have significantly improved the chapter on equalizers and co-equalizers, and I have also split into two, and expanded, the old chapter 15 which covered both limits in general and pullbacks/pushouts in particular. So here is a version of BCT including these newly revised chapters.

Just as before, to keep things simple, there is one long PDF here, with both the reworked chapters up to Chapter 16 and also the remaining unrevised chapters from the 2015/2018 Gentle Intro, with the division between old and new clearly flagged. The same remark applies as before: revised chapters get posted when I think they are an improvement on what went before, not when they are polished perfection! All comments and corrections as always most welcome.

My plan over the next few weeks is to rework/expand the last four chapters in Part I of BCT , and then to go back to the beginning in order to try to smooth out the (sometimes considerable) unevenness in the level of exposition/style of presentation which inevitably creeps in as you are concentrating on local revisions. What fun.

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