Too darn hot

Two ridiculously hot days. It reached 39.9° in Cambridge yesterday (that’s 103.8°F). Not fun. Fortunately, with an older house, some north-facing rooms, strict adherence to the rules about closing windows/blinds/curtains, we were able to keep much cooler indoors. But it was a great relief to get outside into a much more temperate morning today and walk by the river.

But it was too darn hot for Logic Matters. Siteground, who host us, use servers provided by Google Cloud. The cooling system for the Google data centre in London failed yesterday, and the servers went down. The outage lasted 16 hours for Logic Matters. The logical world coped, I’m sure. But there were a lot of very annoyed/worried businesses, hotels, care providers … A burning straw in an over-heated wind of change.

Yes, too darn hot, as Ella Fitzgerald sings …

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