Postcard from Cambridge to … Bulgaria

Wren Library, Trinity College Cambridge

As I have said before, it is difficult to know quite what to make of the absolute numbers given in the stats for this website (supposedly there are about 35K ‘unique visitors’ a month). But the relative numbers can surely be trusted. Every month, the largest number of visitors come from the US, followed by Germany and then GB. And there are no surprises in the next few countries down the list.

But regularly about the tenth on the list, ordered by numbers of page views, is Bulgaria. And this really is a surprise, at least to me. The population of that country is less than a fifth of that of Poland, for example, yet supplies a dozen times as many visitors. Indeed, there are over a quarter as many visitors from Bulgaria as from here in GB. In fact, relative to size, it seems that’s where Logic Matters is most read!

A little googling suggests that logic has a very substantial presence in the University of Sofia, with a large department. So maybe some students from there find their way here. And I guess free resources are always going to be particularly appreciated by those in relatively poorer countries. Anyway, warm greetings from Cambridge, if you are exploring Logic Matters from Bulgaria!

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  1. In case you were wondering, I wondered too — could the stats be due to lots of people using something like a VPN which sends web traffic via a server in Bulgaria? But I don’t think any of the usual VPN providers are biased like that …

  2. Greetings from Poland! What amuses me in your post (mentioning Poland and Bulgaria) is that I live in Poland and usually read your blog from there, but go to vacations to Bulgaria (and continue reading your blog).

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