GWT2 — a third (near-final?) full draft

There is now a third complete draft of the forthcoming new edition of Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears. You can download it here.

What’s changed this time, since the last full draft? There has been some more typographical micro-adjusting (you won’t notice!). A few more typos have been fixed, and there have been some scattered very minor changes in phrasing for clarity’s sake. I plan to do a bit more work on the index, but I hope the rest of the book is now in a near-final state.

Corrections and suggestions for local improvements will still be extremely welcome for another few weeks. I’ll then be getting back to GWT after a planned holiday and family time. To be definite: I’ll be calling a halt to further tinkering the weekend of October 29th, with the aim of getting a second edition out in print in November. So all comments, including — especially including! — quick notes of the most trivial typos, will be most welcome until then. (And many thanks to those who have emailed comments so far.)

Added Sept. 25: Minor corrections/revisions in Ch. 14, Ch. 17 and Appendix.

2 thoughts on “GWT2 — a third (near-final?) full draft”

  1. I am looking to work through your Godel texts and was wondering if there might be interest out there in a study/discussion group around these texts (to be carried on virtually).


    Jeff Ross

    1. Well, it some people want to set up such a discussion group then (i) I’d be very happy to advertise it on the blog and on twitter (and you could spread the word in other ways), and (ii) I’d be happy to contribute, e.g. by responding as best I can to occasional lists of questions that the discussion group finds it can’t happily settle between them!

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