In concert: Beatrice Rana plays Bach’s Keyboard Concerto in D-Minor

The plan has been to post a weekly link to share some performances, ones that you too might find really worth pausing over for a reflective moment one evening. As I said at the outset, they might be old or new, maybe just part of a concert, perhaps just half an hour more or less — and available online at least for the next couple of weeks, so you can find a chance to stop to watch and listen.

This sixth week — in particularly grim days — let’s turn to Bach, who else? Here is the wonderful Beatrice Rana playing Bach BWV 1052 with the Amsterdam Sinfonietta in 2019. [22 min.]

I particularly like the way the small-forces orchestra is standing closely gathered round the piano as she plays. It seems to engender such engaged performances from both pianist and band. The result surely is a stunningly good interpretation of this great music.

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