Logic Matters is seventeen!

It’s the blog’s birthday! Let’s party!!

The very first post was back on March 9th, 2006 (and I have just restored the link there to a short talk on Gödel’s theorem for mathematicians which I’d quite forgotten about ). Since then there have been — rather astonishingly — 1630 posts.

Of course, many of these were of merely passing interest (if that). But over the years, there have been some blog posts, or series of posts, of perhaps less ephemeral interest. So I’ve decided to rework the webpage that used to be unhelpfully labelled ‘Varia’ to become more of an ‘Archive’. I plan over the coming weeks not only link to a few papers, book reviews, and other pieces, but also to ‘best bits’ from the blog. It will take a while to organize this; but I’ll hopefully enjoy finding out what earlier time-slices of me thought!

Heavens: I’ve just realized that if I start the clock when I got my first job, the blog has been going for about a third of my academic life. Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun.

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