A little light editing …

I have not been exactly full of logical energy! But I’ve been up to a little light re-editing of the already-revised chapters of Category Theory: Notes towards a gentle introduction. I’ve repaired some typos and a few thinkos, slightly speeded up a few sections which added unnecessary complications, and even added a couple of minor theorems. The main changes are at the very outset in the pre-categorial chapter on groups, and in the first two chapters on products.

Some of the typos/thinkos in the previous version are annoying enough for me to want to put the current corrected notes online right away. So I have …

Otherwise covid chez Logic Matters wends its tedious way along what seems to be the now most common trajectory, where the main continuing effect is considerable fatigue outlasting mild-ish cold-like symptoms. Could be a lot worse. Back to music and other postings, I hope, next week.

2 thoughts on “A little light editing …”

  1. Personally I’m holding off until I get the Red Book (or whatever form it takes) version to look at the new material :)

    1. Fair enough. I hope to have a full updated draft of Part I by the end of this month, and then a “beta version” of a Red Book for this Part should quickly follow [if only to stop me tinkering for a while!]

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