Big Red Logic Books …

If you have downloaded a PDF copy of one of the Big Red Logic Books, found it useful, and have been thinking you might buy a printed paperback (or even a hardback), then now might be the moment to do so!

Amazon have announced that the printing costs of their KDP print-on-demand service will go up next month (for the first time in six years, apparently: whatever we think of Amazon, they haven’t been price-gouging on this service). Since I price the paperbacks more or less at cost to me, rounding up just a bit, it could well be that the price I have to charge will need to increase. So hurry, hurry, while the lower prices remain!

IngramSpark who print the hardbacks of IFL and GWT have already raised their printing prices (for the UK and EU in particular) to the point I have been losing money on each copy of IFL. So those prices have already had to go up by a little. But I note that — today at any rate — Amazon UK are still selling the hardback of IFL at the old price of £20 (as against £22.50). And they have an offer on the hardback of GWT, selling that for £9.75 (instead of £15), which is a bargain, though I say so myself!

I’ve reached the point where I can seriously think about another Big Red Logic Book, a paperback version of Category Theory I (it come in a bit over 200 pages, but I hope under £5). I’ll try to put it out in the world by the end of next month as a minimal-cost sort-of-beta-version, alongside the freely downloadable PDF, since a substantial number of people do find it much nicer to work from a printed copy. And indeed, if you have a properly designed PDF, it is almost no work to set up another KDP print-on-demand book. Hopefully making the draft available in hard copy will help increase the quantity of feedback/comments/corrections I get. When that paperback is sorted, I’ll then move on to having a serious bash at Category Theory II. Oh what fun!

But logical matters have been going much more slowly than I’d hoped since we got back from Perugia, with the after-effects of Covid taking its toll. Things have thankfully improved quite a bit in recent days, however, and — fingers crossed — life is returning much more to ‘normal’. So, in particular, I hope I’ll be able to hit that self-imposed end-of-June deadline. We’ll see …

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