Category Theory I — one last revised draft

I didn’t intend to put another version of Category Theory I online before the positively final version for paperback printing was available. But I’m going to be caught up with other things including a short family holiday for a few days, so I am after all going to post this almost-final version now. What’s left to do? Finish the index of notation, design a cover, get things into the Amazon print-on-demand system. The paperback should be out by about August 10.

I’ve corrected some typos. But the main changes are that I have deleted  §16.7 on ‘naming’ arrows, and the whole of what was the short but dense Chapter 24 on power objects. Both seemed in retrospect a bit out of place in what is billed as ‘Notes towards a gentle introduction’. The material in §16.7 wasn’t mentioned again (I hope!); and the details in Chapter 24 also go far beyond what is really needed at this stage.

The latest version of Category Theory I, with Category Theory II updated to keep theorem numbering etc. in sync, can be downloaded here.

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