Schubert on Sunday 1: Janine Jansen and friends play the Octet

I don’t know how many readers of this blog follow up the musical posts, but I do get occasional appreciative messages. Anyway, I am in the mood to start another series of weekly links to performances on video. This time, of pieces all by one composer, for as long as the spirit moves me. (Is it just by chance that, in the past, talking to other philosophical or logical music lovers, it seemed to be Schubert who was so often mentioned as particularly close to their hearts too?)

Where to start? As we’ll find, there are some stunning video recordings available. I’ll try to leaven the heart-wrenching with the more consoling, though in the end I suspect there might be more of the former (did I say it would all be Schubert?). But you can’t get more full of joy than this, to start with.

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