Category Theory I, the paperback!

So, at last, the paperback version of Category Theory I is available. Sound the trumpets!

Just put the title or the ISBN 1916906370 in the search field of your local Amazon store. And yes, at least for the moment, this is only available as a print-on-demand book from Amazon. But that keeps the price as low as possible — about three coffees. So treat yourself!

The Amazon KDP system makes later editorial revisions particularly easy and cost-free for me, another plus. As I’ve said before, I’m still thinking of this first paperback version as a revisable beta version: it’s there for those — like me — who prefer to work with printed copy once a text gets past a certain length. All comments, corrections, and suggestions for improvement are still most welcome. The PDF of course continues to be freely downloadable: the short Preface and Introduction to that PDF will tell you about the book project, in the most unlikely event that you are reading this but don’t know about it!

2 thoughts on “Category Theory I, the paperback!”

  1. I”ve ordered from Amazon UK and they say it will arrive Tuesday, which is pretty quick.

    Do you know whether they keep a stock of them in a warehouse somewhere or whether each copy is printed when ordered? The reason I ask is that if they keep a stock, and you’re regularly making changes, it can be a bit random which version someone gets.

    I do not want in any way to discourage the making of changes! It occurred to me, though, that the rate of changes to the downloadable pdf and the rate of changes to what Amazon prints can be different, and it might be desirable for the latter to be slower.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to having a paper version to flip through (and to try to read properly).

    1. I don’t know the fine details of Amazon’s workings! But I don’t plan to frequently make changes. I’ll save up the inevitable corrections to be done in batches …

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