Parsons on Mathematical Thought (revisited?)

Back in 2008 and into 2009 I blogged at considerable length about Charles Parsons’s book Mathematical Thought and Its Objects. Then, in February 2009, under the title “Parsons, the whole story, at last” I wrote “I’ve now had a chance to put together a revised (sometimes considerably revised) version of all those posts into a single document — over 50 pages, I’m afraid. You can download it here.” But the link points to defunct storage on the university site, and I don’t seem to have the original LaTeX file or the PDF. Drat. Not a great tragedy, but I put a lot of work into it at the time. And I wanted to revisit part of it … Ah well.

The very longest of extremely long shots: did anyone out there happen both to download and to keep a copy? I think the file was called simply “Parsons1.pdf”.

Later: Search over! Shawn Standefer and Felix Mühlhölzer have both kindly sent me a copy!!

4 thoughts on “Parsons on Mathematical Thought (revisited?)”

    1. Thanks for the suggestion — but are you sure it was Rafal Urbaniak? No search on his website, on Synthese, or more generally, seems to turn up anything relevant.

      Ah: but Felix Mühlhölzer has a long review-essay in Erkenntnis which mentions my piece in a friendly way. Maybe it was his paper which you were remembering — anyway, that is someone I could try!

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