63 book notes and counting …

This website and blog has been going seventeen years. So even if I comment on just four logic/phil. math. books a year in a way worth preserving, that’s going to result in over sixty book notes of one kind of another. And indeed, here they are. I’ve replaced a partial table with a new webpage which will be easier to maintain. This page links to shorter or longer comments on  (i) the 23 books also covered in PDF form in the Appendix to the Study Guide, plus (ii) another 40 books.

Also, you might have noticed, I have updated the old TYL (“Teach Yourself Logic”) menu to GUIDE (“The Study Guide and Book Notes” on the front page), and its target page now makes the link onwards to this new page of Book Notes quite a bit more prominent.

Another related update. The ARCHIVE menu item now targets a new page which points onwards to four different archive pages (that’s to keep individual page-size sensible). This new Archive page points to (1) the same Book Notes page (which is now reasonably complete); (2) a page linking to other logical blog posts and a few papers/handouts on logic/phil. math (in progress); (3) a page with links to a variety of other old blog posts possibly worth revisiting (only just started). And there will also eventually be — for me, if not for many others! — (4) a page listing some of the music videos I have posted and which are still available.

7 thoughts on “63 book notes and counting …”

  1. (1) Is it possible to be warned when someone replies on one’s reply? By luck I found scrolling through the posts a very good reaction and advise in posts belonging to your review of Restall and Standefer’s Logical Methods.
    (2) Were you planning to review Lloyd Humberstone’s Philosophical Applications of Modal Logic?

    1. (1) When I investigated some time ago, I found a couple of WordPress plugins that could work to send email notifications automatically. But they didn’t seem much used and the set up isn’t enticingly straightforward either.

      (2) In the Study Guide, I say very briefly “Lloyd Humberstone, Philosophical Applications of Modal Logic (College Publications, 2015). This very large large volume starts with a book-within-a-book, an advanced 176 page introduction to propositional modal logics. And then there are extended discussions at a high level of a wide range of applications of these logics that have been made by philosophers. A masterly compendium to consult as/when needed.” I don’t plan to return to it any time soon!

  2. Sorry I must have overlooked it. Otherwise I would not have bought it, and put on the wrong foot that it was tested on undergraduates.

  3. I don’t know how tedious it might feel to be repeatedly thanked for what you do, but it seems to me that this is a remarkable service you provide! I wish there were other websites that did for other mathematical sciences what you do for mathematical logic.

    1. I’m as guilty as anyone and very rarely leave comments/star ratings on (non-logic) books I’ve loved or email authors of papers I’ve got a lot out of. So I can’t really be surprised that, in reverse, very very few readers here leave comments or get in touch in other ways. So it isn’t at all tedious when someone does express friendly appreciation :)

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