Category Theory II, update

Well, this is really going at such a cracking pace!

I’ve managed to revise just one more chapter of Category Theory II in the last fortnight.

That’s mostly because I went back and tinkered again with the first four chapters of Part II. And I’m still not super-happy with the fifth chapter, introducing hom-functors. But it is better than it was, and eliminates a foolish mistake or two, so I guess that’s progress.

2 thoughts on “Category Theory II, update”

  1. Glad it’s coming along! Would you ever consider writing something similar for proof theory? I gather there are far fewer satisfactory introductions…

    1. I really don’t know enough about proof theory to be able to write any such book! And there are some recommendations for reasonably satisfactory introductions in Ch. 9 of the Beginning Mathematical Logic Study Guide!

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