I put myself on the waiting list for a Bluesky invite code more or less at the beginning, and then again after a few months, but have never got one. Is this other people’s experience too?

Updated: Thanks for the various kind offers of codes … I’m now signed up!

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  1. What’s happened to the enthusiasm for Mastodon so that people are now wanting Bluesky?

    I’m still reasonably happy with Twitter. And my Twitter experience has hardly changed at all since Musk took over, except that I now see more tweets complaining about Twitter and its owner (and that a small number of people I used to see on Twitter have decamped to Mastodon or Bluesky).

    1. I was/am just curious to see how Bluesky might be going (I’m always one for checking out new ways of procrastinating …). I still enjoy Mastodon but I suspect it will always stay a bit niche.

      As for eX-Twitter, the issue for me isn’t with the “experience” (if you stick to following the same small number of people, things haven’t changed much, of course, though the cesspool is always only one step away). My beef is with the owner and with the vileness which is being allowed to flourish elsewhere on the platform by all accounts.

      1. Won’t “by invitation only” Bluesky be even more niche?

        In any case, I think that Community Notes should be considered in any accounting for the changes since Musk took over. The ones I’ve seen so far have been good and corrected misinformation.

        And, while it’s true that most of what I read on Twitter comes from a fairly small number of people, I don’t stick to that. I look at trending topics that seem interesting; I even use search to find comments. (The lack of a way to search all ‘toots’ is one reason I don’t use Mastodon.) On one visit, I might read mostly politics; on another it could be maths, art, or other topics. I haven’t found that “the cesspool is always only one step away”.

  2. The best way to get a BlueSky invitation is probably to ask on twitter. I’m still in both places but a lot of my botanical contacts have moved over. I have invitation codes. You can find me on twitter as @Roger_TL45Y.

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