The Study Guide, corrected reprint

There is now a corrected update of the Beginning Mathematical Logic Study Guide. The list of known typos for the 2022 printing was getting embarrassingly long; so I’ve taken the opportunity to correct these plus the one thinko noted on the corrections page. Otherwise little has changed, apart from some minor rephrasing here and there. There’s certainly no need to rush to order a new copy if you already have one!

The corrected PDF is now available for download. The print-on-demand version should update to match in due course (depending on whether your local Amazon has any small stocks of the current printing to clear). So if you were thinking of buying yourself a copy as a New Year’s treat, you might want to hold off for a week or two.

I plan to intermittently work on a revised second edition over the coming year, improving some of the topic overviews, and — this will take some time and effort! — revisiting some of the sets of recommendations. Still, in reading through parts of the Guide while preparing the corrected reprint, I mostly still thought reasonably well of it in its current state; and so I hope this very minor update will serve for the moment.

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