A categorial update

Some categorial news:

  • I have just withdrawn Category Theory I: Notes towards a gentle introduction from sale as a pbk. There is going to be a new pbk edition, with a slightly different title, shortly — and now that plans are firmly under way, I don’t want anyone splashing out their hard-won pennies today only to find that a shiny new update is available a few weeks later.
  • You can download a draft of the new Category Theory I: A gentle prologue from the category theory page here. The obvious major change is that the chapters on elementary toposes at the end of the previous version have been moved to Part II, and a few initial chapters on functors moved from Part II into Part I. One result is that all of Category Theory I can indeed be thought of as a gentle prologue to some core topics in category theory.
  • The current draft of Category Theory II can also be downloaded. It has the new subtitle Four basic themes with groups of chapters covering (A) more on functors, including natural transformations, (B) around and about Yoneda, (C) adjunctions (D) a little on elementary toposes. I hope that a pbk version will be done and dusted by Easter.
  • I would still hugely welcome comments and corrections on both Parts. And indeed, even when paperbacked for those who like me prefer working from a printed copy, I’ll continue to think of them as beta versions — largely functional and I hope not too buggy but still work in progress.

It’s been sort-of enjoyable trying to get this stuff straighter in my mind, and a few friendly souls have told me that they’ve found my efforts helpful. But it really is (past) time I got back to other logic matters ….

4 thoughts on “A categorial update”

  1. I think that changing the Cat I title is a good idea. Otherwise, there will always be a concern, at least in the back of people’s minds, that they might somehow get the old version.

    I also think the chapter movements are a good idea.

      1. Good move. Will Amazon still say there’s a new edition on the page for the old one? I have sometimes seen “new edition” pointing to a different book, not a new edition at all, so it might not be going by ISBNs.

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