Markdown joy

A minor improvement here …

You can now use simple Markdown syntax (you know the kind of thing, *italics* for italics, **bold** for bold) in comment boxes.

This is explicitly signalled in comment boxes on the blog; but it is also the case with comment boxes on static pages.

(Nerdy trivia: this is enabled by using the multi-purpose Jetpack plugin — which is wild overkill: but I’ve turned off more or less every other Jetpack option so I hope that nothing is inadvertently broken.)

3 thoughts on “Markdown joy”

  1. Cool. Since I knew little of Markdown, I resorted to this crib sheet when writing some recent comments, and I found that, while bold and italics work, I’ve had no luck with ordered lists, unordered lists, or horizontal rule. I haven’t yet tried anything else.

    What happens if I try an ordered or unordered list is that the numbers or dashes that begin the items vanish.

    Also (and this isn’t about Markdown), when I try to edit a post, I often find that the blank lines I put between paragraphs have vanished, and I have to put them back. Consequently, I have taken to copying the comment to a text editor before submitting and, if an edit is needed, I make the change in the text editor and replace the entire comment.

    1. The more serious aspect of the problem is that, if you happen to write an itemised list in a way that’s treated specially by Markdown, perhaps not even knowing about Markdown, the dashes or numbers vanish. And then you have to edit your post to write the list in a different way.

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