Category Theory I — now in paperback

Sound the trumpets! Or at least, let me give a small toot …

Category Theory I: A gentle prologue  is now available as a print-on-demand paperback. This is Amazon only (sorry, but that’s easiest for me and cheapest for you), with ISBN 1916906389, at £5.99, $8.25, €7.50. Those prices are only trivially rounded up from the minimum possible (e.g. from £5.90), so I’m not taking any significant royalties.

I’m thinking of the paperback as still a beta version of the text. Functional, and I hope with no horrible mistakes, but surely not bug-free. I’ll still be very happy, then, to get corrections and comments and suggestions for improvement. The Amazon print-on-demand system makes future updates of the file for printing very straightforward and cost free.

The PDF is of course still freely downloadable from the category theory page; but many prefer to work from a printed copy. So, since the paperback is the price of — what? — just three coffees, and is actually quite nicely produced, why not treat yourself!

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