Introducing Category Theory — the paperback!

The headline news: there is now an inexpensive (but quite acceptably produced) paperback of Introducing Category Theory. Amazon-only to minimize cost, ISBN 978-1916906396: US $14.99, UK £10.99, DE €14.82, IT €14.40, etc.

I’m very sure this could be improved in all kinds of ways. As I say at the end of the Preface, the current text is quite certainly not set in stone. Indeed, think of it as a ‘beta version’, functional though surely not bug-free. But I need to pause work on it for a while, so I thought I’d get a paperback version out for those who prefer to work from one. All corrections and suggestions for improvement will continue to be very gratefully received.

The text of course remains freely downloadable as a PDF from the categories page. (The earlier paperback of Part I is, for the moment at least, withdrawn.)

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