Categorial corrections!

Category Theory I: A gentle prologue (2024)

I think of the paperback as a beta version, useful, mostly functional, no doubt not bug free — but nicer to work from than the PDF.

The Amazon print on demand system allows me to upload corrected files for printing without cost as often as is necessary. So I’ll be taking advantage of this facility to update the paperback as and when I get corrections and suggestions for improvement. So I very much want to hear about any mistakes you find, and about any typos however small (especially ones still to be found in the latest PDF version).

However, my plan is only to record on this page actual mistakes in the printed versions of the kind which could cause confusion or lead a reader astray. You don’t want to be navigating through boring lists of trivial typos or tiny stylistic improvements.

Printing history:

Version 1.0 (April 1)
Version 1.1 (April 2: fifteen minor typos corrected, and sentence inserted)

Yes, as luck would have it, an hour after pressing the “publish” button on Amazon on April 1, I got a list of corrections of the then current PDF!

Category Theory I: Notes towards a gentle introduction (2023)

The main difference between this earlier version and its current replacement is that its final chapters were on elementary toposes (material now expanded and moved to Part II), while it lacked any chapters on functors (which have now been brought forward from the old Part II).

Inevitably there were some typos and thinkos, so we need of course

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