IGT1 was already a long book: IGT2 is a bit longer still.  That’s one major reason for not including exercises in the book itself. But another, equally important, reason is  that I didn’t want to discourage not-so-mathematical philosophers by adding daunting end-of-chapters lists of problems.

Still, some readers might appreciate exercises to help test their understanding, and (occasionally) to expand their knowledge too. Note, it isn’t required that you do any of the exercises to follow the book. But here’s a (very slowly growing) selection to make use of as you will.

I’ve given answers to most of the exercises. All references to Chapters, Sections, Theorems etc. are to the Second Edition.

2FunctionsAns25 jul 2014
2EquinumerosityAns15 feb 2013
3ComputabilityAns16 feb 2013
4TheoriesAns22 feb 2013
5The language LAAns7 mar 2013
6, 7Sufficiently expressive/strong theoriesAns12 jan 2014
9Induction, informallyAns5 mar 2014
10, 11Arithmetics without inductionAns24 jul 2014
12, 13Arithmetics with inductionAnscoming soon
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