IGT: The first edition

A much-improved second edition has now been published, and so I have now stopped actively supporting the first edition here, and warmly recommend that you get your librarian to “upgrade” to the must better new version. But if your library only has the first edition, you need to know about needed corrections …

The first edition’s printing history was a bit complicated, however. Being reprintings, each version has the same ISBN, so you have to look at the verso of the title page to tell them apart:

  1. IGT was first published in 2007.
  2. It was reprinted, with a lot of corrections, in 2008.
  3. There was a third reprint in 2008, which most unfortunately was of the original uncorrected version. As soon as this was discovered — but not after a number of copies had been let out into the wild! — it was superseded by …
  4. … a fourth reprinting, with further important corrections, in 2009.
  5. There was a fifth printing in 2011 and a sixth in 2012 which were identical to the fourth.

Many thanks to all those who told me about typos and worse, and suggested needed corrections. The later printings from 2009 onwards were less error-prone than the earlier versions as a result, but sadly there are still some to be found, though only a handful of substantial ones. So if you are using the fourth printing, 2009, or later printings

  • Check this page to see some of the known issues about the last revised versions. I have, in working on the second edition, discovered a number of further small-ish technical errors and presentational infelicities: but in each case, I think, if you spot them the repair is obvious!

If you are using the corrected second printing, 2008:

If you are still using the original 2007 printing (or, improbably, that rogue third printing):

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