LaTeX for Logicians

These pages give a brief guide to resources of interest to logicians, philosophers and others using LaTeX to produce papers or presentations, teaching materials, theses or books, and perhaps wanting to include logical matter such as natural deduction proofs.

  1. General info. Links to general information about LaTeX. (Most of the information in these pages is intended for those who already have some familiarity with LaTeX. But on this general page there are also some links to introductory material.) 
  2. Logic symbols. For lists of available logic and other symbols.
  3. Natural deduction proofs. Packages for laying out natural deduction and sequent proofs in Gentzen style, and natural deduction proofs in Fitch style.
  4. Tree/tableau proofs. Packages for downward-branching trees.
  5. Diagrams. General programs for diagram construction. How to set commutative diagrams for category theory in particular.
  6. At the conference, in the classroom. This page gives links to resources which are especially useful for lectureroom and classroom use (e.g., packages for producing slides for data projectors, for constructing problem sheets, etc.).
  7. Logicians’ miscellany. Links to a variety of other resources which could be particularly useful for logicians

Thanks to all past contributors! Suggestions for relevant additions always most welcome: email to Logic Matters

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