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Presentations with Beamer

  • It isn’t the only such package, but by far the most widely used/widely recommended LaTeX presentation package is beamer.cls (originally Till Tantau, 2003: maintained by Vedran Miletić and Joseph Wright).

Problem sets

  • probsoln.sty (Nicola Talbot, 2000-17): simple package for generating problems sheets — and answer sheets — by selecting from problems and solutions defined in another file).
  • exercise.sty (Paul Pichaureau 2004-14): flexible package for setting out exercises/answers in various documents.
  • exam.sty (Philip Hirschhorn 1994-2021): a nice option if you want to maintain a single document which, with a single toggle,  both prints a preamble-and-exercises set, and a set of exercises-and-solutions.
  • xsim.sty (Clemens Niederberger, 2017–21) is another option for creating exercises and the corresponding solutions, probably with more features that you will ever need.

Links checked 28 July 2021

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