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Help for generating truth-tables

Of the available resources, this has been recommended:

  • Truth Table Generator (Michael Rieppel) is a webpage containing a JavaScript program which generates full truth-tables for one or more wffs, and also the LaTeX code for them.

Laying out theorems, lemmas etc., and marking succeeding proofs:

  • amsthm.sty (the theorem setup of the AMS document classes amsart, amsbook, etc., in stand-alone package form, which should be in any LaTeX distribution) defines environments which are much more configurable than the basic LaTeX ‘theorem’ environment. There’s a description here.
  • ntheorem.sty (Wolfgang May and Andreas Schedler) is another, even more flexible, package.
  • The thmtools bundle (Ulrich M. Schwarz 2010) contains a number of useful packages, in particular thm-restate.sty which allows you to label a theorem and then restate it later (with the same number).
  • If you just need a correctly-placed end-of-proof marker, then QED.sty (Paul Taylor, 1993-2003) supplies right-justified marks.

Setting algorithms

  • Use algorithms.sty (Peter Williams, 1996, 2004, Rogério Brito 2005) for laying out algorithms in a standard form).

Branching  quantifiers

  • The neatest way of setting these is suggested by Colin McClarty: use the pmatrix structure available in amsmath package, illustrated here: branching quantifiers.

Back to Frege

  • begriff.sty (Josh Parsons, 2003) sets Begriffsschrift-style expressions.
  • frege.sty (Quirin Pamp, 2012) loosely based on the begriff.sty pack­age, and of­fers a num­ber of im­prove­ments.
  • grundgesetze.sty (Mar­cus Ross­berg 2016), com­mands for type­set­ting Got­t­lob Frege’s con­cept-script in the style of his “Grundge­setze der Arith­metik”


  • For word counting, TeXcount has been recommended (allows you to do things like mark bits of a document to be omitted from the word count). (Einar Andreas Rødland, 2008-18)

Updated 28 July 2021

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