proof.sty: A User Guide

1. The commands

The proof.sty package by Makoto Tatsuta offers four new commands for proof-building:






2. Usage

Here's a simple use of the basic '\infer' command and its output:

\infer{B}{A & (A \rightarrow B)}

We can spread out the premiss-list by adding spacing, and can add a (full-size, roman) label as follows:

{A & \quad (A \rightarrow B)}

The '\infer=' command works just the same, but delivers a double rule: hence

\infer={B \land A}{A \land B)}

The '\infer*' produces four vertical dots rather than a rule: thus

\infer*{B}{A & (A \rightarrow B)}

Finally, '\deduce' basically behaves like '\infer' except that it doesn't produce any sort of rule. However, if the optional label is present, the label -- or whatever -- appears vertically between the premiss(es) and conclusion: so this might be useful for inserting symbols, thus:


3. Chaining uses of the rules to build proofs (next page)

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