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For a number of  years now, I’ve been a sporadic visitor to the very useful question-and-answer site, math.stackexchange.com — this is a student-orientated forum, not to be confused with the truly wonderful mathoverflow.net which is its research-level counterpart. OK, you can think of these visits as (hopefully) constructive procrastination on my part …

Of course, many of the questions on the site, including many I’ve found myself answering, are very ephemeral or very localized or based on very specific confusions. But a proportion of the exchanges to which I’ve contributed might, for one reason or another, be of some interest/use to other students — or at least, to beginners and near beginners in logic.

Do read other people’s answers of course, which are sometimes more interesting than mine! I’ve included a few exchanges where all I contribute is a reference to something interesting in the literature. Do explore other logic and related questions on the math.stackexchange site too. And why not register so you can occasionally “vote up” answers you get something out of, as the feedback encourages good authors — and there are a significant number there — to keep posting to the general benefit.

Beginning logic

Explaining the material conditional, etc.

Help for beginners with translation into first-order logic

Help for beginners with natural deduction proofs etc.: how to think strategically!



Arithmetic and computability

Gödel’s incompleteness theorem(s)

Sets and functions

History of Logic


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