Book Notes on Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics

The links in the (sortable) table below open to new tabs to display notes on various books, classic and more modern logic texts, philosophy books that I have reviewed, etc. Some pieces are short (excerpted from the Appendix to the Teach Yourself Logic Study Guide), some longer (perhaps bringing together a number of blog posts).

2009Aluffi, P.Algebra: Chapter 0
2011Baaz et al. (eds)Kurt Gödel and the Foundations of Mathematics: Horizons of Truth
2009Berto, F.There's Something About Gödel
1977Bridge. JBeginning Model Theory
2007Buechner, J.Gödel, Putnam, and Functionalism
2007Chiswell & HodgesMathematical Logic
2012Colyvan, M.An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics
1978Ebbinghaus, Flum & ThomasMathematical Logic
1972Enderton, H.A Mathematical Introduction to Logic
2003Forster, F.Logic, Induction and Sets
1995Goldstern & JudahThe Incompleteness Phenomenon: A New Course in Mathematical Logic
2011Halbach, V.Axiomatic Theories of Truth
2004Hedman, S.A First Course in Logic
2005Hinman. P.Fundamentals of Mathematical Logic
1995Hodel, R.An Introduction to Mathematical Logic
2011Horsten, L.The Tarskian Turn: Deflationism and Axiomatic Truth
1987Johnstone, P.Notes on Logic and Set Theory
2019Kirby, JAn Invitation to Model Theory
1967Kleene, S. C.Mathematical Logic
1962Kleene, S. C.Introduction to Metamathematics
2018Kossak, RMathematical Logic
2007Krömer, RTool and Object: A History and Philosophy of Category Theory
2015Leary, C. & Kristiansen, L.A Friendly Introduction to Mathematical Logic
2011Maddy, P.Defending the Axioms: On the Philosophical Foundations of Set Theory
1999Manzano, MModel Theory
1964Mendelson, E.Introduction to Mathematical Logic
2006Olszewski et al. (eds)Church’s Thesis after 70 Years
2008Parsons, P.Mathematical Thought and Its Objects
1986Prestell & DelzellMathematical Logic and Model Theory
2006Rayo & Uzquiano (eds)Absolute Generality See also blog posts
1969Robbin, J.Mathematical Logic: A First Course
2014Shapiro, S.Varieties of Logic
1967Shoenfield, J.Mathematical Logic
2010Sider, T.Logic for Philosophy
2012Smith, N.Logic: The Laws of Truth
1980van Dalen, D.Logic and Structure
2010Weir, ATruth Through Proof
2015Zach, R. et al.Open Logic Text

For brevity’s sake, dates in the first column are dates of first publication: there are often later editions discussed in the linked Notes.

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